Yunhe Terraces in Lishui

The Ark on the Cloud project is located in the national 4A-level scenic area of Yunhe Terraces in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, and sits on the Jiuqu Yunhuan - the best viewing point for sunrise and terraces in the entire scenic area.

The project planning is themed on creating a green and sustainable ecology, and several sets of standard products prefabricated by INSOME were chosen as the focus of the planning. As the project site is part of a 4A protected scenic area, the land of the site does not want to be heavily hardened. So the INSOME series products - BOX and PLUS, which carry strong architectural design genes, naturally became the best design solution for the site.

The project is located in a 4A scenic area, and the hardening of the land is very important if the traditional construction method is used. The point foundation method can significantly reduce the impact of the construction process on the land.

Difficulty in transporting the project site - The project is located on a hillside, and trucks, the main means of transporting materials, cannot transport large materials directly to the project site. This situation was perfectly solved by the assembled products.

At the initial stage of design, the series of products are all based on the same generalized, modular system, which is finally matched by the weak connection of each individual building to the site landscape.

The separate building units are designed to maximize the natural elements of the outdoors into the indoors through the large proportion of glass surfaces on the façade, blurring the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

Some of the building slabs are moderately high at the bottom, providing service and supporting functional areas while ensuring sufficient outdoor landscape areas on the site.

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